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Hardened Criminal captured

Cherwell Online - Student arrested after 'gay' horse jibe

Brown inquired, "How do you feel about your horse being gay?" of one of the policemen, stating that his colleague's (horse) was clearly not gay. After repeated comments on the sexuality of his horse, and despite warnings from the policeman about his behaviour, Brown's offer of an apology to the horse was rejected and he was handcuffed and taken by the officers to the police station.
The arrest was made at 2.20am on Monday morning, and Brown was in a state which he described as "pissed out of my head".
He had tried to escape the police by hiding in a doorway in Ship Street, but was found after back up had been called for. A total of six policemen were involved in making the arrest...

The (police) spokesman also said that the “homophobic comments” were ... offensive to the ... horse...

You couldn't make it up.


From the article

'Brown was fined for “causing harassment, harm or distress”' ...

"I thought they would slap me with ‘Drunk and Disorderly’, it would have been much easier.”

It certainly would have been easier, but it wouldn't be a "hate crime", don't you know police everywhere have "hate crime" targets to meet? The officer needs congratulating for thinking on his feet and turining a minor incident of no consequence into a hate crime detection. Well done.

I would elect for trial at Crown Court (after all this is a hate crime and carries a risk of imprisonment) and ask that the victim (i.e. the horse) be cross examined as to the extent it felt distressed, alarmed or harassed and what evidence it has to show that this is the case. Of course non-compliance would be considered contempt of court and a trip to the pedigree chum factory an appropriate sentence. But would you really want your dog eating gay horse - I mean is it contagious?

Oh come now Berenger, I'm sure the horse would co-operate, especially as it is a police horse. If the court cannot understand it or establish proper communication, it would be unfair to hold the horse in contempt.

No, we must ensure that an interpreter is availiable along with a specially trained horse diversity officer, who will be able to assist the horse with the trauma of re-living the experience in court.

The Polizei have vays of makingk zee Horse talk.

good to see the police retain some powers of arrest.

Seems like the biggest horse's ass was not actually part of the horse......

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