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Times Online

MPs who campaigned for licensed hunting criticised Jackie Ballard, the director-general of the RSPCA, yesterday for suggesting that wounded foxes did not suffer.
Ms Ballard, a former Liberal Democrat MP, was responding to new research that challenged the view that shooting foxes was more humane than hunting them with dogs. The research found that shooting led to many foxes being wounded.

In a letter to the all-party Middle Way group she wrote: “There is not absolute proof that wounded foxes suffer.”

Baroness Golding, the group’s Labour co-chairman, said: “This unbelievable statement brings into question the charitable status of the RSPCA. What is the point of a charity dedicated to animal welfare if it believes that a wounded animal does not suffer?”

Lembit Opik, Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire and co-founder of the group, said: “They claim we don’t know if wounded animals suffer . . . the RSPCA campaigned to ban a method of control that doesn’t cause wounding but backs methods that clearly do

It never was about the foxes....


Could someone perhaps post a video or even a photo of a wounded fox on their blog and then invite Ms Ballard whether she really believes that it doesn't suffer.

I have seen a mother rabbit twice in the last few days that is seriously injured. She has been trying to run with a broken hind leg. She is followed by a baby rabbit. Her agony is certain to be both physical and emotional. It is sad and frustrating to watch, but there isn't anything I can do about it. I am troubled that the broken leg may have been the result of my riding mower. There are a few fox in the area, and one may catch her soon. Nature can be very cruel.

“There is not absolute proof that wounded foxes suffer.”

Although Ms Bollocks presumably believes that foxes killed within moments do suffer!
What a topsy turvy world she lives in.

Watch out for politicians saying "there is no proof that..."

I couldn't help noticing that both Ms Ballard shares a degree of commonality with Reynard. They are both mammals, and more than 95% of their DNA is the same.
Any trauma that causes suffering in one, would probably cause suffering in the other. Therefore, an ideal way for Ms Ballard to test her hypothesis, would be to shoot herself in the foot.

Oh wait......

Wait, if foxes don't suffer from being wounded then what exactly was the rational behind banning hunting with dogs?

Baroness Golding would have been better off asking:
“What is the point of a charity dedicated to animal welfare if it....

spends most of its donated cash on political issues, lavish buildings & highly paid political consultants

No, it never was about the foxes - and with the modern RSPCA it's not about animal cruelty, either.

Most of the information I've come across tonight has been from the UK. Not a lot of vulpine talk, in Michigan, where I live. For the past several weeks a red fox has been coming out of a city park nearby to feed on my A-frame community's waste and a suburban tabby cat nearby. The god-awful noise the fox makes has gotten me out of bed enough times that i now have a child's toy bow & arrow knocked and I'm ready to put it out of its misery. The problem is, the third or fourth time i heard the noise I called animal control with my mobile at three in the morning and had them listen to the yowling on the speakerphone. They thought it was a cat in a tree. The next night the sound returned and I caused it to retreat into the park from where it came. That was when I noticed that its front right leg was all gimpy and probably the reason it was always screaming so.

Anyway, I've come across some sort of fox recovery group (derbyfoxes.org) but can't afford the transatlantic telephone bill.

It seems to be a hot issue in UK politics but what i'm after is.... what should i do about the animal? Can it's leg be fixed? Should i snare it or shoot it? The local animal control "only deals with dog, cat, racoon, and skunk" and left me the distinct impression that THEY couldn't do anything about a fox.... but, well.. THEY couldn't.....

What do you think?

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