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Seven to save the world

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

We have been looking for 6 visionaries who can make the world - or part of it - more just and more peaceful.

And their "mission statement" is by Margaret Mead who was a dupe and a fraud, but still sways the impressionable!

And what are our heroes going to do? - Receive 37,500 each a year for five years for a start, and there now seems to be seven..

"The brief was to suggest radical solutions to problems, addressing the underlying causes rather than ameliorating them, said trust secretary Stephen Pittam."

And the Number One world problem that needs solving is - cue drum role - Shutting Guantanamo Bay - "a lawless enclave and a model for human rights abuse around the world". Starring human rights lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith.

A fierce critic of the US government's justice process regarding terror suspects, Mr Stafford-Smith said: "Closing Guantanamo Bay could easily happen in five years - I'll bet money on it.
"The question will be: will the US take their nefarious operations elsewhere?"

He said influential voices were also trying to close the camp, referring to US Senator Ted Kennedy and former president Jimmy Carter.

For fucks sake - millions of people starving, dying of preventable disease, tribal wars breaking out all over and he thinks it is the most important problem in the world - as far as I know not one prisoner has died at Gitmo - which considering the law of averages of deaths in a population is remarkable.

Still with any luck he will be kept busy for the next five years and not bothering us with anything else.


Only the people of Massachusetts are impressed by Chappaquidick Man. As for Rabbit Boy (Jimmah Cahta), I am still laughing.

"as far as I know not one prisoner has died at Gitmo"

This is in itself remarkable considering the inmates previous "lifestyle choice" of taking potshots at a (very well armed) Superpower.

"...nefarious operations.."

I thought only characters in comic books used this sort of description, not publicity chasing anti death penalty lawyers (would that they WERE just characters in comic books).

As far as I know not one prisoner has died at Gitmo. And it hasn't been for lack of them trying either - a whole bunch (23 or 34 depending on source) have tried to commit suicide, while others have embarked on self-starvation, among other self-harm incidents - which is typically an expression of extreme adolescent-type frustration at not getting their own way (at killing people).

Perhaps when Gitmo is shut down they can turn their attentions to the terrible injustice caused by the derth of Mecca-Cola at Burger King.

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