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That crazy German sense of humour!

A lot of visitors to this blog - welcome - coming looking for German Jokes - see here, here, here, here, here, and many others - use the search yourselves! Idle curiosity lead me to this news item today:
Agenzia Giornalistica Italia - News In English

The German Pope is becoming more and more "friendly": sometimes he even cracks jokes and indulges in informal attitudes. This morning, he didn't wear his skullcap and his hair was ruffled by the wind. Indeed, he talked about the "Wind of the Spirit" and called on it to enlighten all those who want to distinguish between love "which lacks nothing being the treasure of wisdom and science ", and imperfect love, also called "beginning of wisdom". "This contains in itself the idea of punishment, and is excluded from the hearts of the perfect to reach the fullness of love. And servile fear is substituted with a perfect fear, a gift from the Holy Spirit."

Whilst I still can and no disrespect to the old boy I feel this example of a German ribtickler is too good to keep to myself.


I think all Germans have a great sense of humor, especially me.

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