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BBC Picture quiz

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Quiz of the week's news

The government announced plans to crack down on replica guns this week. Quickly now, one of the above guns is real.... which one?

I got it wrong!


Pffft, I got it. I've stared down the barrel of enough replica's to know.

I guessed and got it, that it was one with the finger *off* the trigger based on proper gun safety.

I was doing reverse psycology, I figured it couldn't possibly be the one that looks like the real gun - too obvious!
Of course t'was the one that looked like the real gun.

Doesn't really matter though, does it? You're still going to blow the guy's head off.

Got it...

The first and the last questions were the only ones I got right, and the last was a lucky guess. The identity of the real gun is quite clear, and unless I am mistaken it appears not to be loaded.

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