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Recommendation 2

The right eye has been becoming weaker and weaker - I blame the Internet - so much so I have been toying with starting to shoot left handed as the target has become a blur even with my glasses.

But last week I went for an eye test, they said the prescription was only slightly different, but I ought to have new glasses. A quick look at the prices in the Opticians, 170, 250 , plus this, plus that, had me feeling my way out for a quick reviver.

A local firm, though they may as well be in Hong Kong, came to my rescue. Excellent service, the glasses came in four days and when I went shooting last night, for the first time ever I could see the bull as a focused dot! Now I have to find another excuse!

So my recommendation goes to:-

How to avoid the UK glasses rip off
1. Get an eye test at a high street optician
2. Buy online, using your prescription
3. Receive your glasses


Thanks for the recommendation. My eyes are beginning to go and I've been contemplating a visit to the opticians.

Definately improves your shooting. I spent an hour last time in the opticians getting the correction to 100% and at 25 yards I can clearly see the rings on a standard NSRA target.

I can only hit the bull average 8/10 but at least I can concentrate on technique.

The bull is a fuzzy blob 200-yards away, the rear sight is a dark ghost-ring, but the front-sight is bright and sharp. If you're concentrating on the bullseye you're not using the sight-radius properly.
I've had crappy eyesight since 5th grade, and wear bi-focals now.

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