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Mandy joins in the handbagging

BBC NEWS | Politics | UK must end 'Thatcher tone on EU'

The UK Government must stop sounding like Margaret Thatcher in its negotiations in Brussels, European Commissioner Peter Mandelson has said.
In a speech in London, Mr Mandelson said the UK had to change both tone and substance to win backing in Europe.
The UK must be ready to look at reforming its rebate as part of a deeper rethink of EU spending, he said.
"It is surely wrong to ask the poorer new accession states to pay for any part of the rebate," he said.

What do you mean "pay for the rebate"? The rebate just means we pay a bit less, we don't get money from anyone else! And quite frankly I couldn't give a flying fuck what the Europeans think...


I can't decide if this was a compliment to Tony Blair or not!!

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