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Prescott mad plans to improve the housing market

Telegraph | News | Bulldozers move in on Liverpool

In Hertford Road, Bootle, the bulldozers were clearing terraces where people were still living as the first phase of the Deputy Prime Minister's 15-year housing market renewal scheme ground into action. Officials said the demolitions, on either side of one house, were necessary because criminals had been using the houses. But residents said the move was intimidatory.
A hard-hatted worker, who declined to give his name, told The Daily Telegraph: "We're having terrible trouble with the local people."

"These are gorgeous houses. If you got one like them in London you would be talking about 1 million."

Mary Jo Joyce, a Bootle resident who has backed the families campaigning to save their streets, said: "The houses they are planning to build will have half the space at twice the price. They will look ugly and could have been built anywhere."

Nothing like an old Socilaist trying to organise a free market is there? - and when it doesn't work throwing all his teddies out the pram - or in this case knocking it all down and blaming the stock!

In related news Mugabe's bulldozers continue to knock down houses people want to live in...


"No man's life liberty or property is safe whilst the legislature is in session"

And what about this quote at the end of the Telegraph article:

"What we've got now are people who aren't convinced of the benefits."

The peasant farmers in Stalinist Russia weren't convinced of the benefits of relocation either. Nor were many of the people of Europe by Hitler's "relocation plans". It is terrible that in England, which once would have placed individual and property rights far above any state interference we're now reduced to having apparatchiks tell us we're not "convinced of the benefits" when they want to compulsorily purchase our property and demolish our homes.

Pressa should bring in Frank Dobson who has plenty of experience of knocking down victorian housing stock during his creation of the socialist paradise that is Campden

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