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Nannies Tea Time

Telegraph | News | WI in a pickle over safety

To the many satisfied customers who buy Ann Doy's prized homemade piccalilli it does not matter where the ingredients have come from. It is the taste that counts.
But Government officials, acting on European regulations, are determined that she, and thousands like her, must now account for every ingredient, insisting on them keeping receipts for a year for each item purchased.
"If I use something from my own garden I have to write a receipt out to myself." All the produce has the ingredients clearly listed".
The legislation affects all homemade produce and even cricket teas will be held to account.
A spokesman for the Food Standards Agency said the legislation only applies to outlets selling on a regular basis. He said: "We would envisage local authorities [will] take a proportionate and flexible approach."

Ah - there's the rub - you intoduce legislation and claim it is reasonable because you expect the local Council Officers to ignore it - but give a bully a new stick and what are they going to do?


Sad to say it seems that every piece of EU legeslation is designed to remove small players from the business world.

The end result being bland cooporate product, lacking flavour, bought from anonymous aircraft hangers.

How is it the continent with its professed love of food brings us this?

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

I suspect that if she could get it classed as a 'traditional product' she wouldn't have to list the ingredients. This occurs with kippers from some producers and also allows French wine producers to advertise their wines when alcohol advertising is actually illegal in France; it isn't wine, it's a traditional product.

Why are so many little Englanders so zealous to enforce every little tin-pot EC regulation that the French openly ignore unless it suits them?

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