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Image taken on 18/6/2005 7:10


I feel much the same. Every time I try to go back to sleep, my head feels like ... well, I think Helen Fielding described it best in Bridget Jones' Diary -

"Badly need water but seems better to keep eyes closed and head stationary on pillow so as not to disturb bits of machinery and pheasants in head."

And it's so bloody HOT.

Now then where's the eggs, bacon, frying pan...?

Guaranteed to stop the pain,
A pint or two shall keep you sane.

In America, this remedy is called having the hair of the dog that bit you.

I am curious if you have Safeway grocery stores in England. That appears to be the brand of the bottle of aspirin shown.

No it is an American bottle - here we can only buy 16 tablets at once so on trips I tend to stock up on cheap pills!

Englishman ....yer gert poooooftah! Not that I can recall much of the end of the evening, but I seem to think that you & NBC didnt make it back to The Good Colonel's for a nightcap... unlike those of us made of sterner stuff!

Gert poooooftah indeed. He was up at 7:10 though to post this, and hardly a sign of "camera shake".

Thanks to you all for your hospitality.

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