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Cigarretten Vertrauensmänner

Telegraph | News | Cigarette snoopers to enforce ban

New powers effectively criminalising smoking in public were announced by the Government yesterday, with the minister in charge promising an "intelligence-led approach to enforcing the law".
Informers will be encouraged to report breaches of sweeping bans on the habit, in which company smoking rooms will be outlawed and places such as bus shelters and the outsides of office blocks made no-smoking areas.

Which would you prefer; A country of self rightous grasses whispering to Authority or, also from The Telegraph;



I don't what the government has been smoking, but it must have been stronger than a cigarette to come up with these proposals.

"... exemptions would also cover ...the on-board living area of a sailor."

So presumably the rest of the ship will have to be smoke free, could be difficult to enforce with the Royal Navy stuck in the dock in a low state of preparedness.

Futher on:

"Herbal cigarettes will not be covered by the ban."

"...Asked what would happen if someone claimed that his or her cigarette was herbal, she said it would be possible for those enforcing the law to take air samples."

It could prove difficult to take air samples outside and what if the "offender" claims the smoke taken in the sample hasn't come from their cigarette.

How much do these people get paid?

The "intelligence-led approach" phrase caught my eye.

Whose "intelligence" would that be then? How intelligent does one have to be to spot a big cloud of smoke.

I look forward to being a criminal.

I think they've decided to make everyone in the UK a criminal so they can get the DNA profile of everyone and thus reduce crime.

OK what I've written makes no sense, but neither do these new laws.

Perhaps we could retrain some ex-taliban to lead the new morality and virtue police in their hunt for smokers?

I assume the photo has a purpose? If I saw a girl like that smoking, I would not be thinking about turning her in, but turning in with her!

Disgusting habit, and having just watched my father die in agony from the effects of lung cancer, I would never want anyone else to put themselves and their loved ones through the same ordeal.

Having said that, this nanny state Stalinism, complete with informers, makes me want tp take up smoking just to piss them off - and if I still lived in Blair's green unpleasant land, I probably would!!!

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