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Target Rich Environment

Telegraph | News
Modern-day druids, hippies and revellers who turn up at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice may not be marking an ancient festival as they believe.

Ah, so Hippies are wrong - makes a change. As they drag themselves back to London from Stonehenge they pass by Free Market Towers; and the more lost pass under the Castle walls - off to check if the oil is up the right temperature yet...


"The revellers at Durrington Walls, the largest ceremonial site in the country and even larger than Avebury, are also thought to have feasted on cattle and aurochs - an extinct wild ox - before going to Stonehenge"

At Stonehenge it looks like they feasted on pigs, so to give due cultural respect to these sites, vegetarians should be banned from their boundaries.

I have always found that some whacked out hippy at about 600 yards presents a ......errrrr ...... sporting shot

Surely if you are a farmer scratching a living either on or just above subsistence level, mid winter and the turning to spring is more importatnt than mid summer.

Anyway as Stonehenge pre dates the druids by at least a thousand years why are they aloowed in there?

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