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No, no , yes

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair says EU rebate 'has to go'

Tony Blair has said Britain's 3bn EU rebate is an "anomaly that has to go" -

He is tired of all that tough posturing and some of his European chums have been rude to him - where is he going to go on holiday next year? - so the Tony is made for turning.


And there was me thinking that the man had got some guts at last.
Lilly livered bastard.

I got excited for a second. I was under the false impression that the EU was the anomaly that had to go.

Never mind, its only 3 Billion. That would be about 250.000 more left wing councillors or facilitators of some kind if the money was left in Gordons hands.

Yup, He's really going for the 'Legion d'honour' award and a kissy kissy thankyou from a grateful French nation.....

I suppose he could always go on holiday to Turkey! That would really piss off the French.

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