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Meeting the vassals

Telegraph | News | Eurocrats plan grand tour to win hearts of citizens

Still reeling from the collapse of its constitution, the EU's most senior Eurocrats yesterday promised to tour member states, including Britain, to ask citizens for their vision of its future.
Aides pledged that the 25-nation tour would not be complete without the commissioners involved meeting their fiercest critics face to face, including British Euro-sceptics.

The European tour will be led by Jose Manuel Barroso
The progress through national capitals will begin this autumn, and will be led by Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, and Margot Wallstrom, the vice-president for communications.
They will be accompanied by a shifting retinue of relevant commissioners - such as Peter Mandelson for the British leg of the tour.
The exercise to win hearts and minds will lead to the commissioners meeting national parliaments and members of "civil society", including unions, NGOs, groups of voters and young people.

"civil society", oh - that lets me out then!.

Like MediŠval monarchs loaded with a waggon train of bribes they will stately process dispensing favours and audiences on the adoring crowds..., maybe like Bad King John they will loose the Constitution in The Wash. A tip - avoid any surfeit of lampreys on your trip Margot!


That's a *great* title.

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