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Our Island Story

Those very good chaps at Civitas have a project to republish H.E. Marshall’s Our Island Story. The Daily Telegraph has been running a fabulous campaign to support them. John Clare points out in today’s ‘Any questions?’ how popular the idea is and how you can help.
By coincidence we were given Mrs Englishman's Mother's copy a month or so ago, with a load of other books, and it is the book of choice in the East Wing Lavatory. I have been enjoying rereading it, remembering it from my school days. For some reason I always imagined the author to be some tweedy pipe smoking gentleman - so I was surprised to discover the author's name behind the initials - Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall! Support the campaign and get hold of a copy if you can - you will enjoy it as much as the next Harry Potter from that John Kingsley Rowling chap!


Do you suppose it will be available to the general public or will it only be going to schools?

It won't be going to schools, the educational establishment will have nothing to to with such dangerous, seditious stuff, dear me no!

Our Island Story is already available from Yesterday's Classics in a lovely high quality paperback edition with text recast in modern easy-to-read type. The original color illustrations are rendered in black and white in this edition to keep the cost down. This book has been a favorite for years of homeschoolers in the United States, following Charlotte Mason's methods of education. Visit http://www.yesterdaysclassics.com/catalog/england.php to purchase your copy today.

if anyone has this programme,please could you let me know as i would like a copy,i am willing to buy,many thanks.steve

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