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Tony Two Face on Europe

BBC NEWS | Politics | Full text: Blair's European speech

I am a passionate pro-European. I always have been.


Tony Blair was elected to Parliament as a Labour Party MP in the constituency of Sedgefield at the General Election on the 9th of June 1983. He had previously stood at the Beaconsfield by-election in 1982. In his Sedgefield Election Address he stated:
"We'll negotiate a withdrawal from the E.E.C. which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs."
Sovereignty has obtained a copy of Blair's 1983 Sedgefield Election Address and we reproduce it in full. His EEC quote appears on page 3...


I think some European figures are now aware of the inconsistency.

"We'll negotiate a withdrawal from the E.E.C."

Yes, and re-entry into a Federal Europe, of which he would be President-for-life

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