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Tory loser knows how to win

Telegraph | News | Howard: Tax cuts won't put us back in power

..It also reflects a growing view among Tories on the modernising, liberal wing that the state of public services is of more pressing concern to voters than tax cuts, which they do not trust politicians to provide.
Mr Howard's speech, the first of several setting out his views on the party's future, will be seen as a coded attack on David Davis, the front-runner to succeed him.

I'm becoming more attracted to David Davis the more I hear...Howard is quite right in one way to say we don't trust politicians to deliver "tax cuts" - certainly didn't believe his wishy-washy promises. "Tax cuts" aren't just about the money, in fact the money is the minor consideration. It is the concept of rolling back the state and letting people spend their own money how they want, rather than believing in a system that says that 4 out of every 10 pence I earn will be more wisely spent by The Government than I could manage to do.


I want to hear spending cuts for failure reward schemes.
Opt-outs from Individual State programs like the NHS, Pensions and Education.
Regulation roll backs.
How many extortion funded wednesday grauniad reading non-jobers will be handed p45s.
Flat Income-Tax.

Lastly I DEMAND tax-cuts.

Contact me when it happens, I'm off to coutries that are already on their way there.

Could not agree more. Tax cuts are not just about getting our money back but stopping the growing control of Tony Blair's state. The trouble is Gordon Brown thinks all the money in the country is his and that we poor surfs just deserve some pocket money from him.

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