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Cuddly Communist Spy

Telegraph | News | Unrepentant Soviet spy Melita Norwood dies at 93

Melita Norwood, once described as "the most important British female agent ever recruited by the KGB", has died at the age of 93, it was announced yesterday.

Mrs Norwood, whose espionage activities were disclosed by Vasili Mitrokhin - a former KGB archivist - in 1999 after his defection to MI6 with a large number of files, died at a West Midlands nursing home almost four weeks ago.

Mrs Norwood had been an "extraordinaily motivated Soviet agent right to the end of her life".

I seem not to be able to spot the words; traitor, rope, heels spinning, flung into an unmarked grave, which surely should be in the story somewhere - or is it that cuddly communist grandmothers didn't really mean any harm, so that is all right then.


I am reminded of a slogan once used by the sufragettes "The hand that rocks the craddle won't rock the boat".

She should have received a substantial punishment for her crimes, she was clearly deluded, and blind to the evils of communism, but that did not lessen her danger to society if anything it increased it.

By not punishing her every "harmless" deluded idiot who "thinks" the're doing the right thing, even though the're betraying the country will expect to get away with it. A substantial punishment would have sent the message that treachery cannot be tolerated.

Tsk, tsk.
You haven't been paying attention fdm.
The Government (by which I mean the backroom Sir Humphrey's where the real power lies) hates this country and wishes nothing more than to hand over responsibility for it to a foreign power.
This has clearly been the case for many many years.

Why would they wish to punish someone who shares their ideals?

I remember Jack Straw, as Home Secretary, statting that she won't be prosecuted. His justification was that it wouldn't be in the public interest. Utter bullshit, of course. Methinks the files may well be hiding some dirty little secrets which would embarrass certain ex and not-so-ex Marxists who are currently in government.

Ex and not-so-ex Marxists? There's a name springs to mind immediately, Red Ken. Although he seems to have no sense of shame (see the news articles of his honouring a rabidly anti-semite middle eastern guest) so perhaps it's not him... Hmmn...

Did you not notice Mr Blair last Week:

I am a passionate Pro-European.

I am a Passionate Pro- Soviet

Where is the difference?

I am profoundly disappointed that the BBC did not break into programmes with solemn music to announce the loss of the dear lady. Makes you sick.

Is spying a hanging offence still? I think you're really supposed to hand them back and tell them not to do it again. And you can't prosecute old ladies for having political opinions!

Melita Norwood. Worked for an agency at the centre of British Nuclear research and was able to send secrets to USSR throughout the war. Jack Straw thought it not in the public interest to prosecute her. Now why would that be? The number of old trots in the U.K. cabinet, (Charles Clarke,John Reid, Peter Mandleson, The Greet Broon, and much of the Scottish Raj not excluding "Tone the Illusionist") must have heaved a sigh of relief. Jack looks safe as foreign secretary for ever and ever and ever. The labour past is buried under concrete, and ZanuNu Labour can persue it's destruction of the U.K. (English) culture using Gramski's doctrines.

Cruella, treason is still I believe a hanging offence, but more normally spies are charged under the Official Secrets Act.

Melita Norwoord did much more than merely hold opinions, she betrayed this country and the people of this country. Her motivation is by and large irrelevant, but it reveals a degree of naivety that I find sickening.

If every person in a position to betray (for whatever reason) thinks they can get away with it even once, well one of those onces could lead to the deaths of British service personnel and or civilians.

Spies come in many guises, with varying degrees of intelligence and differing motivations. They are never harmless, and mercy is a luxury we cannot afford when dealing with them.

"Why do you want to flog her? She's just a little old lady!"

"Okay, then I'll just use a little old whip."

Resonates with a pre thacherite era gong. The frequent refrain around Whitehall "Let's don't be beastly to the Bolshies". Sounds like Vidal or Kucinich or Sanders or Boxer. Both disgusting and shameful.

MMcCormack Barnard Road Larchmont, NY

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