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So come and arrest me

A quick trip in to the DIY store leads me down the path of criminality yet again -

In the far distance from The Castle I can see a house - I don't want to so I thought a couple of Leylandii - a fine British tree - would do the trick - two for the price of one at 9.99, done deal.

Of course I am risking an ASBO thanks to that tosser Steve Pound MP for Ealing North... High Hedges Bill

The government declared war on light depriving leylandii hedges, describing them as one of the worst forms of anti-social behaviour and announcing plans to give councils power to chop back any offending hedge higher than two metres (roughly 6ft 6in).

Well I want my pair, I think I will call them Gordon and Tony, to grow well past 100ft as they are capable of doing. I noted the Garden Centre no longer calls them Leylandii just "Ornamental Conifers", such is the fear the Government has put into the growers of them.

And my other purchase - a replacement light switch, of course I wouldn't dare break the law and replace it myself without the presence of a qualified electrician, a man from the council and the Archbishop of bloody Canterbury, would I?


Methinks Steen Pound needs to be lopped off at the knees as a "light-depriving" growth.

Dim bastard.

He should change his name to Euro or Kilo surely?

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