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Every BBC man not doing his duty

Telegraph | News | Even German TV provides more coverage of Trafalgar than the BBC

Criticism of the BBC's coverage of the Trafalgar celebrations intensified yesterday after it emerged that German television planned to screen a documentary on the celebrations which will be longer in length than one made by the corporation.
Scores of irritated viewers complained after the BBC chose to restrict its Trafalgar broadcasts on terrestrial channels to just a 30-minute live programme before Wimbledon coverage took precedence....
admit that the corporation, which has 170 BBC staff in Portsmouth, "perhaps did underestimate the popularity of the event".

The Trafalgar celebrations were shown live and recorded by stations from Japan, France, South Korea, China and Latvia, with almost 1,000 journalists in the area.

The BBC also failed to give live coverage to yesterday's drumhead service attended by 6,000 Royal Navy veterans and hosted by Brian Hanrahan and Kate Adie.

We have a house guest this week who was livid that he couldn't find coverage. 170 BBC people there and they couldn't put it on. Unbelievable.


Not of the BBC it isn't.
The BBC hates Britain, it's heritage and glorious history. They are ashamed of our past and pray for the day that the nation no longer exists other than as a Balkanised region of a federal Europe.

Lurch - agreed.

It's not that they couldn't provide better coverage it's that they wouldn't.


I have experienced at forst hand the BBC's hatred of all things patriotic. My concert overture Trafalgar 1805 has been recorded by the Moscow International Symphony Orchestra but they refuse to play it on air. I wrote it expressly for the last night of the proms but instead they are playing Korngold ( American) and Rodrigo (Spanish ) at the last night. I have had no reply to my letters explainng the reasons for not playing this work, which First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Alan West described as "a marvellous piece of music".

Is this site for real!

Its fantastic. I assume its a spoof site set up to mock and ridicule little englanders, hardcore Daily Mail readers and sad bigots; all who long for the 'England of old'

As for the BBC. One of our national treasures. May their jobs always be advertised in the Guardian.

Please do not infer anything more than intense frustration from the above, posted in haste and since invalidated by the fact that part of Trafalgar 1805 has been heard as the opening music for Radio 4's Afternoon Theatre. Now all they have to do is play the whole work on Radio 3...
I have been very well served by BBC Radio Norfolk - so, no complaints there.

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