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Same Story - different papers - different emphasis:

The Times

Prince costs country 4p per head as his income surges to 13.m

From the increasingly Republican Rupert Rag - whereas the Dear Old Torygraph gives a more favourable emphasis...

Telegraph | News | Prince 'is the greatest charity entrepreneur in the world'

The Prince of Wales has developed into the world's "greatest charitable entrepreneur", helping to raise more than 100 million last year for a variety of causes, his private secretary said yesterday.
As well as 16 "core" charities, including the Prince's Trust, he is patron or president of 352 other organisations, according to the second annual review of the activities of the prince's household.

HRH The Prince of Wales Annual Review 2005
Sir Michael Peat said that the prince also donated 2.5 million of his own money to charity each year, which was a sizeable proportion of his income. "He is not Bill Gates," Sir Michael added.

I have only met HRH once, I was standing in the middle of a field and held a gate open for a bunch of people, the others muttered a thanks as they walked through which was entirely appropriate, but he stopped and made conversation which was just plain nice of him. So I have a lot more time for him than most.


I was in the same room as him once. We'd already seen him in the parade at Norfolk Naval Base (Va USA) then later he was supposed to come in to meet British forces and their families. Unfortunately he'd barely stuck his head round the corner when he was stampeded. There was no way he could have mingled amongst us all. My mum and brother shook his hand but my dad (CPO RN) and I were too polite and hence didn't get a look in.

He's always seemed an agreeable fellow. Whingers and wieners moaning about the tiny amount the Royals cost are the same tossers slavering to throw buckets and buckets of loot at their own schemes for not a patch of the return the Royals give. Imagine the fleet review with some anonymous greasy pole climbing el Presidente? Shudder to think.

If we're looking at a cost basis, how much would a president and entourage, staff, buildings etc etc cost per head? With a president how much would we lose (from tourism, prestige etc etc)?

How much does the governemt cost each year?

Which is best for our pockets abolish the Royal Family or abolish the government?

I covered this one myself today - there's so much griping in this envious age that it's worth recognising that my weekly loaf of bread costs me more than my annual contribution to supporting the whole royal family.

FDM - let's experiment, shall we? Starting with... abolishing the government.


What about the starving inm Afrcia getting some of the pie. Or is the royal fmailt too greedy for all the pie. Anyuway shte costs dont cound security or the costs of clearing after their sicoe parties.

How about the African governments feeding their own people instead of trying to blow each other up?

The royal family is cheaper than an elected head of state and also more preferable. Who would you rather wielded executive power in this country? The Queen (or Prince charles) or a "democratically elected" politician? The Queen might not flex her muscle (as far as we know) but she still holds ultimate power in this country. She has the power to disolve parliament at will and she can always refuse to agree to a new session or approve a new government.

Lets hope that one day she makes a stand to save her country from the vultures at Westminster.

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