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June 2005

Number of the month - eight


Dear Hugh (11),

Reading one of your comments concerning the tobacco discussions, you state, "It is characteristic of people taking weak logical positions that they attack the person presenting an argument rather than the argument itself".

You may wish to add another insight of people. It is characteristic of Hugh while presenting disparaging remarks about Americans, that he attempts to hide his attacks by suggesting that they come from another source (GB). Hugh is of course responsible for any remarks that appear on his website.

I am not interested in knowing where your animosity derives from Hugh. Perhaps it is from your resentment that Americans had to save your ass twice. Perhaps it is because you are speaking English, not German or Russian. You are an ingrate Hugh. This is expected from some European countries such as Germany and Russia, where we fought them to defend you. But to come from an Englishman, the chief beneficiary of American lives lost in past wars, is especially poignant. It is enhanced by your insensibility to this weekend's July 4th birthday celebration in America.

I take some solace in knowing that America does have some friends in England, ones with knowledge of their history and an appreciation for the special relationship that has long existed between the two great English speaking peoples of the world.

Ray Elliott
Rapid City, South Dakota
United States of America

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