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2nd July What a day!

Well what a great show! Old and young all mixing together in a happy fairground atmosphere. 561B0111.jpg
Image taken on 2/7/2005 12:37

Yes the annual Heddington and Stockley Steam Rally was on yesterday - great fun with a traditional fair, steam engines, fairground organs and engines galore - from tiny minature models to Merlins - all revving for attention. And the Tractor Pulling event was doing its bit for climate change as well..

Image taken on 2/7/2005 13:15

Beats staying in watching the Telly, doesn't it - there wasn't anything on was there?


"... there wasn't anything on was there?"

Some naff concert on BBC1, nothing special. ;)

I was there too, my father in law was showing one of his vintage motorcycles.

Lovely day out had by all.

The tractor pulling scared the bejesus out of the dog though.

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