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Let them eat cake.

Don Surber: Lean Cuisine

Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Shroeder and Vlad Putin were yukking it up at the G8 conference with jokes to one another about British cuisine.

Well, I will admit that a concoction made of potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, swede turnips, onions and oatmeal is not very appetizing.

But Brits ate this Woolton Pie (named for their food minister) during World War II so they could feed the army that they were about to send to free France from the Germans inch by inch.

Food rationing required a stiff upper lip, an iron stomach and flat feet. British women stood in queues for hours to receive the ingredients, all the while ducking the bombs that would damage or destroy 4 million homes by the war's end. Paris may have been unscathed thanks to a quick surrender, but London burned.

A veritable hit, Sir!


What? No frogs or snails!?

Mr Chirac looks old enough, so I wonder what he did in the war...

Thank you for the link! I never call the French frogs, agfter all, frogs have a purpose.

You have to admit M Chirac is v good value. He's decided to junk all that diplomatic rubbish and revert to pantomime French baddie mode. Much more entertaining, and adds some real frog piquancy to the spectacle of Paris being beaten by Londres (although still not worth the ten billion entrance fee).

No, Chirac is too young to have been a Vichy lackey like his predecessor François Mitterrand.

He may have shown his patriotism in the traditional French manner - pissing in a German officer's wine while serving him lunch at a café.

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