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Rotten to the core

Telegraph | Money | Outrage grows at EU treatment of whistleblower

So far, no Eurostat official has been punished for the diversion of 3m of taxpayer funds into illegal accounts over three years ago in a scam described as a "vast enterprise of looting" by investigators.
All the accused - mostly French officials - are still working for the EU or have retired with full pensions.
But the EU accountant who helped uncover the Eurostat abuses, Dorte Schmidt-Brown, fled home to Denmark after being subjected to a campaign of threats and harassment...
Yesterday the European Court of First Instance refused her claim for redress and ordered her to pay her own costs....
the only two people have ever been "punished" for the affair: the whistleblower herself and the German journalist who broke the story, Hans-Martin Tillack, who was arrested by Belgian police on the basis of charges now proved to have been trumped up by the Commission itself.

The police seized Mr Tillack's computers, telephones, address books and five years of investigative files, exposing his inside sources. In his recent case, the European Court also ruled in favour of Brussels, even though seizure of a reporter's notes are a breach of European human rights law.

I feel Old Testament rather than New testament judgement is needed...

Judges 9:45 (King James Version)

..And Abimelech fought against the city all that day; and he took the city, and slew the people that was therein, and beat down the city, and sowed it with salt.


I think killing everyone living in Brussels, demolishing the city and then sowing it with salt could be considered a slight over-reaction. :D

Everyone involved should definitely be prosecuted though. This is the problem with giving civil servants diplomatic immunity.

The next issue of the referendum should start with two questions 1) do you thing people working for the EU should get diplomatic immunity 2)Do you think anyone working for the EU or any of its agencies should pay tax. (Indeed you might question the entire notion of intra- eu diplomatic immunity)

Come towards to the light. Forget the EU - join the U.S. and Australia (maybe India and New Zealand too) in an Angloshere trade and defense agreement.

You know it's a much better fit for the UK.

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