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Readers Letters

In the last couple of days I have had three contributions sent in which I haven't put up on the site. I really appreciate them being sent in, please continue. But I have just had some hassle from from putting up other contributions which didn't represent my views exactly, so I'm giving it a break for a week or so!


The text of my email to the BBC web site soliciting comments regarding the Olympic Bid result

Why are people celebrating a situation where our money will be given to foreign companies to build a false monument to the egos of Ken and Tony. That money could be better spent on building better schools, cleaner hospitals and a better life for the people in this country who will be left to pay the bill and put up with years of inconvenience over a 2 week self congratulatory jamboree for a minority of sporty types who cant hold down a proper job in the first place. Congratulations to London for riding roughshod over the needs of the rest of the country again, congratulations my a*se b*gger the lot of them!

Love or hate me I care not. I care however for my country and the mess that these elected clowns are imposing upon us! I do however wonder if any of my message will be published!

E mail the beeb via the bbc news website

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