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Please find below some recent emails I have received - I neither associate or disassociate myself from the views expressed; I am just allowing this space as an open forum. If you want to express yourself feel free to add a comment. Do not read on if you are easily offended.
And remember I didn't write them....

Monday July 4th 2005


I thought The Stereophonics were good, REM were good, Madonna was good and so were The Scissors Sisters. I thought The Who were amazing; completely brilliant. Robbie Williams was fantastic; I mean, I dont really like him but he showed incredible showmanship, he really got the crowd going, well, at least the women. Maria Carey? I know, what was she even doing there? I thought it was meant to be about big acts. Mind you, I suppose anybody who gets paid fifty two million by EMI just to fuck off must be pretty big. Velvet Revolver were rubbish; well, that singer was. What a prat. As my son said, not anything like as good as Axl Rose. Joss Stone was good. Pink Floyd were great, although it seemed like Gilmore still had a cob on. Ms Dynamite didnt work. Pete Doherty was dreadful, really bad; you could see Elton thinking that was a really crap idea, asking him. The Killers were amazing, I loved The Killers; I loved his eye-liner. Im going to buy their album tomorrow isnt that what its all about? Sting was clever, re-writing Every Breath you take like that; he did that years ago, on Spitting Image once, with all the puppets of the world leaders behind him like that. I didnt think U2 worked that well, Bono seemed aimless singing Sgt. Pepper, almost like hed walked onstage by accident. I thought Get Back didnt work, the sound didnt seem big enough; Helter Skelter was fantastic but why didnt the BBC show that film when Macca did The Long And Winding Road? Hed said that the Live 8 people had done a new film, like updated The Cars thing or something, but the bloody Beeb didnt show it, they just kept the cameras on Paul. Which seemed to defeat the purpose of the event, moving the viewers and all that. And what was all that starting Hey Jude on the na-na-na bit all about? I guessed that theyd done that because the cops or the parks people had complained that the gig had over-run and you cant have people singing to stop starving when the good burghers of Park Lane are trying to get to sleep, so cut the verses and go straight to the chorus. That was a shame. And, anyway, they shouldnt have been closing with Hey Jude anyway; they should have been closing with Do They Know Its Christmas. Maybe they, the stars, dont know Do They Know Its Christmas; i.e. they dont know the words. But I doubt it; everybody knows the words to Do They Know Its Christmas. So why didnt they end with it. Hey Jude was completely inappropriate. Whose stupid idea was that?

Anyway, we watched pretty much the whole gig. Interesting couple of things, though. One, Ive got three teenage daughters, right? Only one of them watched Live 8.

And, two, you know Isabelle, Alexs kid? Shes six. I gave her a Make Poverty History T-shirt on the day. She said to me Uncle Geoffrey.whats poverty? So the schools are obviously doing their bit to get the message across.

But I thought the best thing, as it the most cutting comment on it all; twenty four hours after the gig, Bush does a TV interview and he says NO DEAL on any concessions on climate control. Unbelievable; all that protest and pop song singing, three billion people watching and it means absolutely bugger all to Bush. Nothing. The man is immovable. All that effort for nothing. I know Geldof quite well and weeks ago I sent him a message saying that if you want to shift the G8 opinion, youve got to shift Bush. Nobody else matters a toss. Its the Yanks youve got to affect. They organise all of this and Bush says basically says I dont care. What a joke. Presumably he draws no similarity between public lobbying to end hunger and public lobbying for a cleaner planet, he doesnt give a damn for public opinion. He just cares about business opinion. I said to Geldof that if you want to affect Bush, the only way to make him react is to threaten a boycott against buying American goods. Sadly, I was right. Bush only cares about dollars. Hes a selfish cunt. Did I tell you that I have vowed not to go to America as long as he is in power? A complete cunt, that man. Only a man, like the rest of us, but the biggest cunt on the planet. And a thick cunt as well; presumably he hasnt worked out yet that if you dont sort out the climate problem, you wont have a planet to even starve on. Personally I think Blair and the other G6 should treat Bush and Americans like Hugh Grant does in that best scene from Love Actually; when the Prime Minister tells the US that they are bullies at that Press Conference. We need more of that.

Actually, what we need more of is Ricky Gervais. Did you see him? I thought his wind-up over Blair and Bush agreeing to quadruple African aid was superb; the best thing of the whole day. Best as in the only really subversive moment. The rest of it was too safe for me. Good and well-meaning and important and good for Geldof, but too safe to really shake the politicians. I mean its not like Maria Careys going to worry anybody into changing trade policy, is it?

And talking of which, where were the really worriers, the warriors? Where was Keith and Dylan and Noel Gallagher? Theyre the ones you need at this sort of gig, brooding bruisers who get you reaching for the number of the National Guard. Thats the trouble with charity like this, its too nice. To change the world, nice doesnt work. You need Hitler up there saying feed the world, not somebody in Jimmy Choo heels.

And that, sadly, is the truth. Live 8 was wonderful but it didnt frighten anybody. If you want to change bullies, and lets face it the G8 is nothing but the biggest bullies in the playground, youve got to scare them. Hence my boycott argument. Bobs a lovely guy but hes not going to frighten them, because he hasnt got the sort of eyes that make you believe that hell kick your head in. No, poverty and famine needs Hitler instead of Richard smiley Curtis; you need lads who look like theyll rape your girlfriend in front of you and make her enjoy it. John Lennon would have done the trick. He got shit done. Thats why the Americans had him shot.

The other thing is that whoever does Live 8s sums should be shot. Starvation is not just about Africa. The World Bank estimates that between 700 million and 1 billion people live in absolute poverty around the world. Yes, one in every four Africans is malnourished and that is a crime. But also one in every seven in Latin America goes to bed hungry. In Asia and the Pacific, 28% of people are bordering on starvation. In the Near East, one in 10 is underfed. According to the World Health Organisation, 1.3 billion people are chronically hungry.

One hundred and sixty million African are hungry. But so are 500 million souls in South and East Asia.

Basically, 25% of the human race is malnourished.

And what does that cunt Bush do? He presides over a damnable country in which 27 million metric tons of cereal, legumes and vegetable protein suitable for human consumption is fed to livestock in order to produce just 5.3 million metric tons of animal protein for rich human beings to consume.

You want an issue? Thats the fucking issue: make the world eat veggie and nobody will have to starve.

But of course they wont, because meat means money.

Do you know that the worlds biggest meal money-maker is the Iowa Beef Processing company? In 1981 IBP was bought by Occidental Petroleum for $800 million. It seems odd that an oil company should buy into beef at such cost, but do you know why they did? Because, as IBPs chairman told investors at the time food shortages will be to the 1990s what energy shortages have been to the 1970S and 1980s. In other words, we can make money out of people starving.

And you sometimes wonder why Im a vegetarian. I somewhat doubt that Bush is. Cunt.

Anyway, heres a few beef-less meals for all those selfless souls at IBP and the White House to chew over.

All best,


Letter Two

In spite of falling crime figures, violent crime is
out of control. The reality is not reflected in
statistics because it goes unreported.

Even if members of the public do report it the police
will not investigate it because of political
correctness, bureaucracy, fear of "over reacting", the
empowerment of the criminal & his rights and sustained
undermining by the government.

Below is a list of murders commited by children and

If a parent slaps a child, they can may suffer social
services intervention. If a teacher dares talk back to
a child, they risk allegations and suspension. If a
policeman questions a teenager, they must fill out a
40 question form.

The yobs don't fear police. The innocent are unable to
defend themselves for fear of being prosecuted.

It is not possible to defeat an attacker. Equal force
in response to an attack has left the British people
victims waiting to happen.

We have Labour and their "upside down" logic to thank
for this.

Below is a list. It seems that there is one murder per
week. The list is incomplete. It may be higher.

Three teenagers have been jailed for life for hacking
a friend to death with two scythes in Sheffield.





A girl accused of attempted murder after a
five-year-old was "hanged" by a gang of children is a
renowned bully. The 12-year-old is the prime suspect
for the attack on Anthony Hinchliffe in Dewsbury, West
Yorks. His family said he was taken from his mother's
garden and lured to a wood by the girl, who lives


Gary Prescott, 16, killed Thomas Noble as the
52-year-old tried to save a girl from being beaten up

The court heard that just eight days before the
assault he had appeared before magistrates for causing
trouble in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.


15 yr old attepmted murder
A YOUTH aged 15 has been arrested over the attempted
murder of Phil Carroll,
49, in a yob attack in Salford, Greater Manchester, on
May 13.


Teens held over girl's death
8 June 2005
Four teenagers aged from 15 to 19 were being
questioned today
in connection with the suspicious death of a
15-year-old girl
whose body was found in a field.

Aimee Wellock, a dance academy student, was with her
and other friends when a gang of youths from a local
estate confronted them


Girl dies following gang incident

A teenager has died after she was involved in a
disturbance with a gang of youths in the Falkirk area.

Following the incident in the Shieldhill part of the
town, the 17-year-old girl was taken to Falkirk Royal
Infirmary with head injuries.



Boys held after 'rape of girl, 11, is filmed on phone'
By Marco Giannangeli and James Burleigh
(Filed: 18/06/2005)

Three boys aged 14 have been arrested over allegations
that two of them raped an 11-year-old girl and the
assault was filmed on a mobile phone, it was reported
last night.


Barbecue man badly injured in gang attack
By Marco Giannangeli
(Filed: 20/06/2005)

A man attacked by nine teenagers as he walked home
from a barbecue was critically ill in hospital last

Detectives mounted a hunt for the gang, some of whom
were believed to be as young as 15, after the assault
in which two of the victim's friends, a man and a
woman, were also injured.

The three found themselves surrounded by the gang, who
were "spoiling for trouble", as they walked along a
residential street in Poole, Dorset.



Father dies after chasing gang who attacked his family
By Richard Savill
(Filed: 28/06/2005)

A father of five collapsed and died after he
confronted a teenage gang who repeatedly pelted his
house with eggs in the early hours.

Gang beats father to death in street
By Nigel Bunyan and Richard Savill
(Filed: 29/06/2005)

A man was beaten to death yesterday after refusing to
give a light to a
group of teenagers as he waited in a pizza takeaway.

The father-of-three is believed to have been dragged
out of the premises
and attacked in the street.

Witnesses said Muglin Southerman, 43, was hit with a
piece of metal before
his head was kicked "as if he was a football''.



4 held over man's death


FOUR teenagers were today arrested after a man was
beaten to death, police said.

The 43-year-old victim was attacked shortly after
midnight on Oldham Road in Failsworth, Greater

The man, from Rochdale, suffered serious injuries in
the assault and was taken to Royal Oldham Hospital
where he died.

Two boys, aged 18 and 15, and two girls, aged 14 and
15, all from Failsworth, were arrested on suspicion of


Father of two dies in 'gang attack'
4 July 2005

A father of two was beaten to death as he confronted a
gang of youths outside his parents' home.

Alan Fessey, 31, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, was
attacked as he tackled the youngsters who, it is
believed had vandalised a nearby car.

A 15-year-old boy was charged with his murder on
Sunday night. He is due to appear before Nuneaton
magistrates on Monday.


Letter Three

The Multicultural Mirage!

When was the first time I heard the term multicultural I cannot quiet remember! Perhaps it was in the mid to late 1980s anyway I think it came in to more everyday use after the Tottenham Broadwater Farm riots in 1985, where poor PC Blakelock was hacked to death by a howling black mob trying to protect the firemen on that animal farm 20 years ago. There were a few non-black animals with this mainly black mob of scum that had murder on their minds. However, these were not indigenous white Tottenham people, they were Turkish and Muslim sounding names from memory of those arrested with the infamous double or was it treble murderer Winston Silcott,

This killer who has subsequently had his conviction overturned for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock on that autumn night down on the farm where the wild beasts tore an unarmed British Bobby apart. I had a friend who was working in the mortuary doing a painting job. The word soon got around to that the poor home beat officer was torn apart with the same savagery that was inflicted on the British soldiers at Ishadwandi during the Zulu wars! The only difference was that although that was the worst massacre the modern British Army of the 19th century suffered, the soldiers there were armed but led by the incompetent Lord Chelmsford. The poor home beat officer and the British public would not have expected such barbarism a century later in a civilized country. Much of his injuries were played down in the media to protect this false multicultural image!

Anyway, what has prompted me to write this latest rant is the smug self-satisfaction of the Labour politicians and their ministers! Just heard one on the TV today (5-7-05) saying we should have the Olympics here in London in 2012. Why? Because he, cant remember his name but another Scot who wants to see England sink! He stated that London has the most diverse and ethnic population in the world. Hurrah three cheers what a cunt, I want see all these foreign basteds (with their foreign values and habits and non assimilating ways) invading Scotland on the same scale they are hitting London. Anyway I personally dont believe we live in an enhanced multicultural society in the same way these fucking traitors do. The foreigners move in and the white Englishman and his families move out! Thats what has been happing for the last four decades, even a blind man could see that very soon the white English will not exist, and the new darker version of the New English will rule the roost.

A prophecy that Enoch Powell envisaged for us, but he was castigated by the traitors, where are all the real Englishmen and women? Do you not care that your race will in a short space of time be no longer around? We cant all join the White Flight abroad that is still gathering momentum! Pity the poor soldiers, sailors and airmen and women and the civilians of WWII who suffered so dearly, if they had a crystal ball to show how Britain would sell their labour of war and victory so cheap, we would now be a German state instead in turning into a third world mongrel one!!!


So it has started the Muslim terrorist scum have marked all innocent citizens of the UK as targets. How many of these animals have been let in under Labour’s open door immigration policy that will take in the scum of the world’s population without any vetting whatsoever.

How many are second-generation corner shop-keeper’s children?
Now is the time for the indigenous Brits to strike back. We must consolidate our strengths and put the scum of the their back foot in the forthcoming fight to preserve our way of life.

1) Interment camps must now be brought in to act as a staging post for the boot, to start kicking foreign arses out of the UK.
2) The borders are closed to all foreigners.
3) Repatriation of all Muslims to the own countries.
4) Armed troops at all points of entry into the UK.
5) ID cards for all people who have no direct link with any British relations who live through the WWII and cannot prove this link!

No more pussy-footing about forget the Olympics in London spend the money on home security and our people, fuck Africa and start thinking of the poverty of clarity in common-sense policies lacking in our Arsehole Leaders!!!

Time for a new statesman of Winston Churchill’s calibre to take us out of the mire, that the treacherous politicians of the last half a century have led us Brits into!!!!

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