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Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner.

Maybe because I was born on the Victoria Park Road in Hackney, (you had realised I was proper East End boy before hadn't you), just a short javelin throw away from the future Olympic village: And maybe because we beat the French: And despite foreseeing a tax sapping disaster and despising the whole Olympic charade; even I was a little cheered to see London win the bid.

Luckily this has put me back in a more wholesome frame of mind:
BBC NEWS | UK | Papers' Olympic gold in gloating

The Guardian.
"The 2012 Olympics may also be seen to symbolise the new and changed Britain."

That makes it easy - I certainly don't want anything to do with it.

This is the "new and changed Britain" where Paula Radcliffe, and the modern public, see nothing wrong with taking a dump in the street in front of crowds, and on television, rather than knock a few seconds off her time. While C. B. Fry went mad as a fish in later years, can you imagine the old school athletes stooping so low?

Now if it was to go back to the spirit of the Pre and Post-war games in London, that would be a triumph. And what is it with half the "games" they put on? Games are one man or team against another, with a clear method of winning. Anything that is marked by judges is just a variety turn, whether it is turning somersaults, diving into a pool or that thing that bint did with ping pong balls at Fluffer Carthew's Stag do; nothing to do with the real Olympic Games. (Though if they must televise them I think that girl would be better value than most of the other sports.)


From "The Sparky"

Yippee, jump for joy, rejoice and halleluiah weve done it! Done what? You know brought the 2012 Olympics to London, Oh yeh thats right wev beat the frogs again! Did you see all the Cockneys singing the heads off and doing the Knees up Mother Brown and the Okee Cokee? No Well course you wont. You would need a Dr Whos Tardis to see that spectacle and sixty years in a very fast reverse gear! All the sports pundits, TV commentators and Labour politicians mouthing the virtues of bringing the Olympics to the East End and its people!!! (Just how did they survive the blitz) The cameras paned the celebrations of local people in Stratford East London, I thought I was watching down town Kingston in Jamaica!!

Celebrating this joyful news about an international sports event in seven years time seems over the top and bizarre. It made me think that within this period Britain fought a world war and survived, but the country, the state, the elite, the ruling classes the corrupt and treacherous politicians have not given a fuck about ensuring that this land should have been fit for real heroes!! (All those who survived and their offspring)

Oh and dont worry about the shortage of construction workers that the sky reporter brought up to complete the Olympic village. I suppose we can rely on the workers coming in from Eastern Europe, was his answer to his own question! You bet your bottom dollar they will come to join the multitudes of foreigners here to the detriment of indigenous workers pushing down the wages even further. So rejoice over the next seven years, rejoice that in England the English are still diminishing in greater numbers in our towns and cities. But dont think your safe in your hamlets and villages in the wilds of rural England. Phase 1 is almost complete, then when you selfish bastards who care nothing for you cultural and great historical past are under invasion. It would be to late for your childrens children natural inheritance to be freeborn White Englishman and Woman. Expect with your new non-speaking English parasitical neighbours, more crime, diverse alien values, habits and big brother reality in checking and ruling your everyday lives it would have been to late to turn the clock back, unless you have your own Tardis.

So let the Games begin!!!

There's a price worth paying to upset Chirac. 5 billion isn't it.

Oh, and then there's the old knock on effects of this giant Keynesian project. What's going to happen to the rates of builders? How much are hotels going to rise in price as companies are jetting into London to have meetings about the Olympics.

These are all the things people forget.

Boycott the lottery, boycott the sponsors, let's make this another dome, and let's nail, for a generation the idea of statist "regeneration" projects.

Nice to see I am not the only cynical one.

you suck balls

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