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Business as usual

So has the bombing changed anything - apart from the human cost to a thankfully small number of people?
In my hours on the London bound train yesterday, and in Reading and Newbury, both towns with close links to the Capital, I saw and heard nothing of shock or outrage. Surprise, yes. But this attack has been seen as inevitable for a long time. And before this bunch we had the IRA killing in our streets. So we are not indifferent to it but we are defiant and inured to it. As the Windmill used to proudly boast "We never close" so business as usual is the best response. Sod'em we carry on.
The other reactions in the media are all predictable. The warmth and generosity of response from America is particularly welcome; Tony saying the right words, but failing to sound statesman like; even the scum saying it is either Isreal's or our own fault are reasuring in their consistancy, it means nothing has changed.
We carry on, but with renewed vigour.


Yep. We're back to work, back to what we do. I'm going to continue researching and writing and learning, the things the people who did these seem incapable of doing. If they had the ability to admit that they could be wrong, 98% of the battle would be won.

I'm glad to hear that you and your family are safe. Your Special Edition post had me laughing my head off, hell, I'd be scared of you with a BB gun :)

Damn - I forgot to run the spell checker over that one..

I think my brother said it best this morning. We are all Brits today. Our father was a proud member of the 101st Airborne. Stationed at Reading during WWII before participating in D-Day. Our countries have a long history of standing with each other in times of trial. Americans feel the loss of your countrymen and women deeply. Now let's go get the b%$^!ards!

Terrorists wont destroy the British people and turn the UK into an Islamic Republic - that's Tony Blair's job.

Here's a not so warm reply from an American. I'm personally getting tired of hearing about all the wonderful virtues of the British character. Perhaps the Brits can appear "stoic" because they have the Americans to do their fighting for them. Spare us any more of your self-serving prattle and send a few more regiments to Iraq. Not to peaceful Basra, but to the Syrian border where there's a little danger. And please don't whine incessantly like you did when we asked you to stay on the sidelines during last November's Fallujah offensive.

I'll be flying through London in a few weeks, with a 12 hour layover. Before this, I thought I'd hop the Tube, run out to the Tower, then grab a double-decker for a quikie tour. After this... I know I'm going to do it. Even if it had been the day after. Those SOBs will change nothing I plan to do, short of killing me.

Well said pkg!

Truth is most brits dont care about the bombing as long as it doesnt affect them. They are more worried about their train being 20 minutes late.

The headlines you are reading come from the media. No-one else pays attention.

Unfortunately Britain is ruled by a Scotch-gang, (Blair, Brown, Reid, Robertson...) bent on sneeking their looney left policies through the back door.

Remember while the Wwin towers were still on fire and stranded innocents were waving to cameras or jumping to their death, an advisor to Tony Blair sent an ecstatic email saying "This is a great day to bury bad news!".

And the English? Many are self obsessed and can see no further than personal gratification.

To get pass mathematics requires 20%, to get an A takes 45%. Open immigration means terrorists can enter at will. So called "Tolerance" means terrorist causes flourish. Self Defence is a crime. Personal Duty has been replaced by Personal Rights.

The people who believe in duty and contributing to society are an ever decreasing minority. Quality people are leaving and are replaced by immigrants.

The United Kingdom is in a bad state. A 3rd Socialist government may prove to be the nail in the coffin.

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