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Yum Yum

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Looks great - my mouth is watering! 100 years in Marshgate Lane in the East End of London - but not for much longer as the Ken and his Olympics will bulldoze them out - sign their petition against it please.
As The Times put it:What Paula Radcliffe paused to do in the streets of London, bid organisers are doing to the locals.


Well I was going to visit England (again) during the Olympics... but If you're going to tear down all the English parts of England to build some new Euro-monstrosity... I'll just stay home.

Am I reading this right? Are they actually going to use the powers of compulsory purchase so they can knock down buildings in order to build an olympic stadium?

Good God. I already hated Sebastian Coe for his utter arrogance in expecting the tax payer to fund his little ego trip but now I hate him even more.

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