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Robber Prescott

Telegraph | News | Prescott backs land tax to fund services

Ministers are considering a new land tax to fund schools, hospitals and roads needed in the south east of England.

John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, backed the tax as a way of providing services and more affordable housing, with 1.1 million extra homes due to be built in the South East by 2016.
He told a conference yesterday that the Government was looking seriously at the Planning Gain Supplement, a tax paid on the difference between the average price of agricultural land and the average price of development land, which is far higher.

He wants more houses built, so he will tax the process - what is wrong with this picture? Now if I sell off the lower acres for Scrote Housing I would make a wacking profit and get taxed on it; under this plan I would pay tax on the gain so I wouldn't make a whcking profit and so would pay less company tax. So the idea doesn't work - it is just envy made policy. Oh, and I notice it is for the schools and hospitals, has there ever been a tax proposed that wasn't? Never are they for the general slush accounts of the government, are they? Remember that Prescott's department has had its accounts "qualified" - ie not accepted - by the auditors for the past 15 years - source - because they can't explain where they piss so much money away!


I've got a pretty good explaination, but it wouldn't get them off the hook.

By schools and hospitals he means pay rises for teachers and doctors. Having backed down on changing the pension age in the public sector to 65 there is a great big black hole in the accounts to fill.

I know where they piss the money - Prezza's pie and a pint fund. If you don't feed and water him every 15 minutes he gets in a sumo rage and starts smashing the place up and sitting on people.

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