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Food Miles nonsense

Telegraph | News | The environmental cost of the tomato on your plate

It takes less energy to import tomatoes from Spain than to grow them in this country, says a report which claims that "food miles" are not always a bad thing.
...food miles are not always a valid test of environmental friendliness, says the report. They are "too simple a concept" to capture the impact of its transportation.

For example, the report says, it takes less energy to import tomatoes from Spain, where the climate is warmer and no heating is used, than to grow them out of season in gas-heated greenhouses in Britain.

All reasonable stuff, and the Friends of the Earth react in an entirely predictable way ..

"To suggest that locally-sourced food may generate more food miles is ludicrous. (That is not what they are saying - they are saying your stupid "food miles" concept is too simplistic - which is probably why it is all you can understand.)Locally produced food is far better for food miles, but it must be planned and supported by local and national government to find the most efficient methods."
Now that is what the FoE is really about - total State control of the means and and methods of production, to each according to his need.. - hang on wasn't that the old Labour Party Clause Four? I wondered who had picked it up since Tony dropped it. Melons! (Green on the outside and red on the inside.)

And of course you wouldn't have gathered this from the BBC report
BBC NEWS | UK | Food movement 'harms environment'
which sticks to the Melon line.


Unfortunately we can't grow Avocados here Jeremy, and the olive oil is of course from Italy as are the Sun Dried Tomatos. Of course you can't expect us to drink English Wine, so that doesn't count.

But the Bread is English and Organic, do try some, its got such low food miles.

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