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Youth of today

Graffitti has been scratched into the wall of our church - dated 1777, that is the graffitti was done in 1777, the church is much older.
Image taken on 16/7/2005 13:1


I don't get it. What does it say?

Looks like it says something about a "gateway to hell" something like that anyway.

This reminds me of a tree on the North Downs near Dorking, which is festooned with Victorian signatures and romantic messages, but also with the names of regiments, and all of those are appended with one number: 1940. That part of the Downs is known for its pillboxes, and the wartime graffitti must have been the work of our grandfathers, taking time out while waiting for - while waiting for what it was they thought they were waiting for, which, deo gratias, they and their mates persuaded not to come. I walk the Downs often, and never forget to send a whispered, grateful tribute to those men - who must have been youngsters at the time - when I pass what remains of their vigil.

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