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Creepy Cards

Telegraph | News | Smart cards will 'bribe' children to stay out of trouble

The Government plans to give teenagers smart cards allowing them discounts at cinemas and leisure centres in return for good behaviour.

Children who did voluntary work or otherwise helped their community could earn extra credits for their cards, while those who got into trouble could have their cards deactivated and lose their credits.

Ministers have been impressed by a Wiltshire police scheme that gives teenagers a swipe card offering 10 in discounts at leisure centres or cinemas and for activities such as day trips, canoeing and sessions with a beautician.

Miss Hughes told the Observer yesterday: "It is about celebrating when young people are doing well, as well as being able, through sanctions or not involving young people, to point to the fact that they have responsibilities as well as rights and if they don't meet their responsibilities they jeopardise those rights."

Ah! There is the nub of the nuLabour mindset - "Rights" are withdrawable! By making every numpty privilege a "Right" - including it seems in this case the "right" to get 10 off a cinema ticket - then the whole concept of "rights" is devalued and a bullying Government can happily withdraw a fundamental "right" as easy as withdrawing a Happy Mac Ticket.

Prof Al Aynsley-Green, the children's commissioner for England, said: "I am concerned that we recognise that the small minority who engage in anti-social behaviour are frequently those who come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

"Withdrawing incentives such as opportunity cards from them must be the very last resort and should be used sparingly."

Except of course experts still believe that punishing children who are naughty is bad and makes them unhappy!

The proposals will also encourage teenagers from different faiths to get to know each other better, a move the Government thinks is particularly important after the London suicide bombings.

What a shameless use of the bombings!

Ministers are expected to overhaul Connexions, their much vaunted youth support service for 13- to 19-year-olds which was intended to be the muscle behind their rhetorical assault on drop-outs but which has failed to produce results. The scheme cost 420 million just to set up.

So we will try another way to piss the money away!


Teens with smart cards. Bah! Bloody hooligans playing on the railways again! Isn't that what you Brits would say?

I planned to write a satire predicting the use of ID cards to reward politically-correct behaviour.

Probably nobody would have believed it.

But it turns out to be impossible to satirise NuLab.

God whatever next?

Once upon a time this kind of behaviour was called bribery.

Its nice to know that the Left is so materialistic that it wants to teach children that there are no moral choices in life, only profit or loss opportunities.

I thought we tried to teach children not to accept "gifts" from strangers?

At what age are these children considered adults? Are their cards taken away at that age, regardless of behavior? And how long will it be before the "good" kids get bullied by the "bad" kids for their swipe cards? Just a few small questions... This sems like a really bad idea to me.

Grrrrr... bloody hell, what next? Stop the world I want to get off.

Prof Al Aynsley-Green, the children's commissioner for England, said: "..... the small minority who engage in anti-social behaviour are frequently those who come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds".

The poor professor continues to misrepresent a statistical anamoly that bears only a casual causal relationship to the problem. Yes, some are dirt poor, others are middling well-to-do and others are extremely well off. It is shabby logic to lay the misbehaviour problem at the sole feet of poverty.

Spot on, 49er. There are ruddy kids out there who need a good slippering that aren't from poverty stricken homes. I bet that a lot of these "professors" probably don't have any children of their own.

SOYLENT GREEN ........(not a village in the West Midlands)

Hooray! The Blair Youth Movement is next.

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