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The Grapevine

A new and interesting one to me:

Conservative Grapevine

What's the purpose of Conservative Grapevine? To highlight the best posts from around the right side of the blogosphere..


I spotted the post about the ACLU in there and just have to say this: they're also all about NAMBLA in agreeing that it's ok to bugger small boys. After all, organizations have their rights as well and sex with young boys seems to be the mainstream thing these days.

What business is it of the Govt what naughty photos an individual looks at?

The ACLU protect the rights of citizens. Hurrah for them.

Keep gov't off our backs. We get to decide what to read, watch, or think.

Jeez, do I really have to explain it to you guys?

Now, I too dislike government sneaking in at me; however, when the ACLU wants to defend NAMBLA, which is in support of buggering young boys, then it's the ACLU that needs to stop smoking that crack.

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