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Blair's Hero


Among other catastrophes, the Heath Government presided over:

  • a lethal and unprecedented combination of rising unemployment and inflation.
  • protracted conflict with the trade unions, including two huge defeats at the hands of the NUM.
  • the abolition of the Stormont Parliament in Ulster on the 24th March 1972, thereby ensuring that the fundamental principle on which democracy operates, i.e. the will of the majority, was cast aside in favour of placating the disloyal and the insatiable great unwashed.
  • tensions over immigration exacerbated by the influx of Asians fleeing from Amin's Uganda.
  • the accession of the United Kingdom to the European Union without consulting the people.  The opinion of the electorate was not sought until 1975 (under Wilson) and even then, was only won on the basis of spin and lies about future intentions and direction.
  • the carving up of England's great shire counties in favour of the establishment of Metropolitan authorities - often encompassing a range of towns which had nothing historically in common with one another.

By any stretch of the imagination, the government of Heath was an unmitigated failure. He lacked the essential hard-headedness required of his post; substituting it for the 'nice guy' approach. No wonder Blair was so adulatory. Maybe he will also adopt Heath's petulant puerility towards

A useful summary - though judging by the Front page of The Independent yesterday a combination of Mother Theresa, The Queen Mother, Beethoven and Sir Francis Drake had died.


Heath was so rubbish I cant even be bothered to comment

between him and Wilson we had the worst decade in our history, gave rise to thatch though?

Chris, I thought that Wilson and Heath were the nadir of British politics, than Blair proved me wrong.

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