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Scots to the rescue?

Times Online

THE Scottish Conservatives are planning to back a two-tier British tax system by offering voters a three pence cut in the basic rate of income tax.
The radical policy pledge looks likely to be the centrepiece of the Tory manifesto at the next Scottish Parliament elections in 2007.

Will the Scots come to the rescue of the economy? The spirits of the great Scottish economists must be pleased, and no I'm not talking about Gordon Brown!


As the Conservatives have zero chance of being elected, they can propose sensible policies with a clear conscience. I'm afraid that one way or another England will have to save itself, and hopefully drag the Scots, kicking and screaming, along with them.

however, one has to admit, the Scots sure know how to save money, right?

doubt it.

The scotch are genetically engineered socialists.

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