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Planners -oh come the glorious day!

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Tall pair fail to raise the roof

Bloke 6' 10" tall, ( note even the BBC doesn't try and use metric in a story like this!), wants to build an extension to his house and wants the roof a bit taller than normal. Planners say no - it isn't in our guidelines. Funny that they demand ramps and handles to disfigure some of our finest buildings but won't allow a tiny alteration on a small house, prefering to hide behind the rule book and preventing someone improving their own house and quality of life. You don't really own your own house remember, the council charge you a yearly tax to live in it and control what you do with it. I tell you yet again that the only use of Planners is ensuring that there enough lampposts; so come the glorious day we have somewhere to string them all up.


in theory that would open the door to anyone else who is tall getting applications approved on the basis of their height.

"That is just not logical."

Er, yes it is.

The Talls need to push the disability thing, take it to court big style. Council will end up having to pay for the extension probably.

I'm afraid Englishman you're right. The couple clearly haven't a clue, they think the primary purpose of the house is for them to live in; and fail to appreciate that instead it is there for the aesthetics as defined by planning committees.

When you think of some of the monstrosities (architectural landmarks) that councils have approved and then you see them rejecting an application like this you're forced to conclude: Planning? we're better off without it.

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