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Meum and Teum - learn the bloody difference!

Times Online

MILLIONS of bank customers face having their deposits raided by Gordon Brown this autumn under plans to redirect money from dormant accounts to charity.
An estimated £4 billion held in accounts that have not been used for three years or more could be redistributed...

The Building Societies Association, whose members are to be included in the scheme, has protested about the Government’s plans. It says that the money does not belong to the banks or the Treasury: it belongs to the customer.

Quite - If I have a little nest egg tucked away as my "FU" money then it is nobody's business and certainly not Robber Gordon Bloody Brown's to give away - as far as I can recall I only have about £19 in a Post Office account I haven't touched for many years, but still it is mine not yours, OK!


Or if like a former plumber I know, skip the banks (and the revenue hounds) entirely and vacum-seal the cash in plastic, and bury further-sealed coffee-cans full in his/your(I wish it was my) backyard... The banks are making some kind of interest from loaning it aren't they, isn't that their damn job as a financial institution? Why the hell should a bunch of greedy "charities" have it to simply waste, or are they gonna invest it?

First our pensions and now our savings. Not bad for "no tax rises" Brown.

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