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A result?

BBC NEWS | UK | I saw Tube man shot - eyewitness

"As [the suspect] got onto the train I looked at his face, he looked sort of left and right, but he basically looked like a cornered rabbit, a cornered fox.
"He looked absolutely petrified and then he sort of tripped, but they were hotly pursuing him, [they] couldn't have been any more than two or three feet behind him at this time and he half tripped and was half pushed to the floor and the policeman nearest to me had the black automatic pistol in his left hand.
"He held it down to the guy and unloaded five shots into him.

And about thirty seconds later human rights activists started bitching...


They can bitch all they want; he was running from armed police, and it would be quite reasonable to assume that he was a threat as he could have had, and detonated a bomb even when down. Seeing as how he was uncoperative and could (and possibly did) still pose a danger, shooting to stop him was the only way.

Why could the Beeb only find people who were "distraught" and "shocked" at the sight of a fleeing terrorist suspect being slotted by the Met? I guess they must have been interviewing residents of Islington.

In truth I suspect most residents of London would queue up and pay to see a show like that.

Where oh where are those wretched video phones when you need them?


What the hell are they bitching about? The Police finished the job for the holy warrior, didnt they?! they should be celebrating in the streets crying "Allah Akbar, he is with his 72 [Virginians] now!"

I saw an interview with an eyewitness who was so concerned that the terrorist being chased fell. He may also have been pushed before being shot and (tut tut) he was not armed. The implication the twat was making that he was shot in cold blood. What a load of bollocks, police were defending their own lives as well as his and the rest of the public. He could easily have had a strap on bomb hidden. Still it is a shame for Bliar’s wife will have one less to defend! Suicide bomber cannot be taken prisoner for the obvious reasons, and there is most likely a shot to kill policy in place anyway with these bastards.

These nutters being put up by the BBC are probably on their payroll, being the cynic that I am. What about the social worker who saw a chap being mugged, she went over to him after he was picking himself up from the ground all bloodied and shocked from being robbed and attacked in broad day light in Bliars multicultural London and said “I wonder what could have made him do that”! Ah the joys of living in Alice’s Wonder Land!

Well it appears he had nothing to do with the bombings and wasn't a threat, but I stand by what I said earlier. It is difficult to see that the police had much option in this case. An unfortunate occurrance, and another victim of the terrorists.

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