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Push Biking

What is it with this Push Biking game that some people, including at least one reasonably sane Blogger, get excited about? Following links I see some people even attempt to be rational about it -
An economist on a bike.

For those of you who haven't tried it recently let me tell you it stinks. The non-trusty 4x4 went in for a service this morning so my cunning plan was to load up the old bike into the back, and the cycle the couple of miles into work having dropped the old bus in at the garage. Half a bloody hour of pain - my perineum hasn't been so tender since I left boarding school - I had to buy a new shirt as the old one was a wet stinking rag. Every time I tried to gasp a breath I found the bloody Wiggly-bus spewing diesel fumes in my face and can I make a suggestion to twats in French cars - on a fifteen foot wide road, with a lorry coming the other way, don't bloody overtake a wobbling cyclist. It was bad enough when the milk float cruised past me but when Ms Free Market in the Free Market Battle Cruiser stormed past me I knew my days as a cyclist were numbered. Never again - cyclists, they are all mad and you will be doing the gene pool a favour by eliminating them; after I have struggled back to pick up my 4x4...


'Twas an ode to joy this past weekend. We spotted some of the French cyclists on our back road, who are rude as ever and continue to cycle directly through our cul-de-sacs and neighborhoods, and scope out our areas.

We loaded up squirt guns with piss and took them on, they were not very happy cyclists after that attack!

They're a damned dangerous smugly self-righteous nuisance - especially the pinheads on recumbent ones. There's a huge bunch of Spandex-daisies around here riding butt-up and acting all "Lance-me-this" and Lance-me-that" as they run stoplights, illegally cut through traffic, and hog an entire lane of the damn road - and they've got their own stupid bicycle-breathing-gasfumes lane. The worst are the ones up in San Francisco who act-out on Fridays at rush-our to tie up traffic- they do neeed a good crowbar to the cranium. Run 'em over, splat like a bug.

Tim, if Mrs FM every reads that you refered to her as Ms, I promise you, that she will dismember you very slowly. Its one of the many things she feels quite strongly about.

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