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Pick and Mix Taxes

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | North West Wales | Court challenge for 'peace tax'

Seven people are challenging the government's use of income tax to fund the war in Iraq.
Siān Cwper, from Gwynedd, is a member of the so-called 'Peace Tax Seven' who are taking a case to the High Court.
They claim government policy on tax infringes their human rights.
They are refusing to pay a proportion of their taxes as a symbol of not paying towards the military.

Of course they haven't a chance, just think of what would follow; If I could choose what NOT to spend my taxes on, now there is a list to behold!


I actually hope they win! They will wish they lost
when the correct wingers like us refuse to continue to be extorted out of our cash for for basically everything except the police, army and judiciary.

Eventually the government does something you don't like, and force you to pay for it. Since everything they do I rarely like, but they force me to pay for it all. It would be great if the courts found that taking money by force is against human rights.

It would save having to load up on weapons and start up a libertarian 'non-state'.

We have yanks over here that have refused to pay taxes in the not so distant past. Style must not be their thing, however, because all of them are wearing orange.

I'd like to stop my taxes funding immigrants, speed cameras, tony's cronies, crap nhs, education system with worthless qualifications, police who make solve 1 crime per month.

ah yes and there is the biased bbc and the tv license

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