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"Two faced" cheese eating surrender monkeys

Telegraph | News | 'Two-faced French sell out Cuban dissidents'

A leading Cuban dissident yesterday accused a "two-faced" French government of putting trade ahead of the suffering of the Cuban people.

The comments by Marta Beatriz Roque, a 60-year-old economist who was arrested during a protest outside the French embassy in Havana on Bastille Day, came after Paris unilaterally ended a European Union diplomatic embargo against the regime of President Fidel Castro, and normalised relations with his government.
Apparently emboldened by the French overture, Cuban authorities responded by launching the largest wave of dissident arrests since 2003, when almost the entire dissident leadership of the Communist-ruled island was rounded up.

So much for the European spirit of common action when there are a few Francs to be made! And who cares about the poor dissidents who suffer living under an ageing autocratic self-worshipping democracy-despising President, or the Cubans.


Some of know the French, and some have still to learn.

The French are running out of corrupt dictator friends.

They take friends where they can find them

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