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I am tempted

Telegraph | News | Free land for families tempts new pioneers to the prairies

A century after the first settlers were drawn to the Great Plains by the offer of free land and a new life, a new generation of pioneers is being lured back by the same promises.

Sitting under big, blue skies and surrounded by endless wheat fields, Ellsworth was once the "wickedest cowtown in the West" but now embraces a far more wholesome image as it tries to attract clean-living, young families.

Move to Ellsworth under the "Welcome Home Plan" and you can have free land on which to build, home loan assistance, free utility installation and 12 months free membership of the local golf club.

The town will also help with the down payment on a new house - the size of the donation rising with the number of children you are bringing to the local school.

Applicants must be American citizens or have a US bank account.

Darn! I'm not eligible - and hey I didn't want the membership of the Golf Club anyway. But to live in peace under the Prairie skies, I would have some of that!


All you need is a US bank account. Go for it! If my wife was more inclined to live a quiet life, I might take this as a shortcut to retirement. I would get to carry a gun too, so would not need to rely on trigger-happy Russian or English policemen to protect me.

Tim - speaking to a chum who works for a US bank, I can get you an account set up this week!
FYI - I am more than tempted

...also - check out the land deals on Ebay!

Wrong passport, no bank account and no snot-gobblers... Bugger

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