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Telegraph | News | What does it mean to be British?

What is Britishness and what are fundamental British values? A YouGov survey for the Telegraph has found that Britons' sense of national identity depends far more on shared values and institutions than on nostalgia for warm beer and village cricket.

Graphic Not much to quibble about there but then they got on to this...

To see how individual men and women could embody what it is to be British, YouGov asked 3,505 interviewees who, out of a selection of contemporary Britons, they take pride in. Here are the results:

51 per cent Kelly Holmes She runs around, or is it hop-skip-and-jumping?, just a highly paid performer, I don't know anything else about her, and I may be missing something but that hardly makes her Florence Nightingale does it.

50 per cent The Queen Served her country for decades and only 50% take pride in her?

37 per cent Sir Trevor McDonald another highly paid performer, can read off a screen very well - wow.

37 per cent Lord Coe Another runner abouter, now famous for having narrow eyes and saddling London with the Olympics - Oh God, years of him droning on ahead of us.

36 per cent Paula Radcliffe Public shitter in the streets - I take more pride in the poor bloody cleaners who have to sweep up after her.

33 per cent JK Rowling Bright, clever, successful, stories embody traditional British virtues and tales, good choice - a Gloucester girl, born near Dursley, who is now being claimed as a Scot.

23 per cent Amir Khan Plucky little Asian fighter, I believe. Ten years time will anyone remember him?

21 per cent David Dimbleby The white Trevor McDonald.

17 per cent Tim Henman Another narrow eyed twat - is he Seb Coe's brother?

10 per cent Simon Rattle Flouncy haired musician botherer, something to do with Manchester, I believe, so probably got the northern vote to prove they have culture up there.

Well, I suppose I am out of touch, at least David and Victoria, or Katie Price, or Macca didn't feature...


Interesting that the top thing people were proud of, was "British People's right to say what they think".

Clearly none of them has read Blair's Religious Hatred Bill then.

Nice also (no, really this time) to see the Royal Navy so far up the list.

But a bit sad that the second-placed item was something that happened more than 60 years ago. Have we done nothing to be proud of since then? Well now that I come to think of it, perhaps not...

What about that yachtie MacArthur girl who sailed round the world faster than anybody?

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