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The news tonight...

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Shankill bomber freed from prison

Shankill bomber Sean Kelly has been released from Maghaberry prison.
The BBC has been told he has been freed on what is called temporary release pending an application to the Sentence Review Commission.
Kelly was one of two men who left a bomb in a Shankill Road fish shop in 1993. Nine civilians died, as did Kelly's IRA accomplice...
He received a total of nine life sentences but was freed early from prison in July 2000 under the Good Friday Agreement.

His early release licence was suspended by Mr Hain after security information indicated Kelly had become "re-involved in terrorism".

BBC NEWS | UK | Bombings police step up manhunt

Hundreds of police and MI5 agents are continuing the hunt for the men who tried to bomb three London underground trains and a bus six days ago.

Why bother? Find them, you will only let them go again...


Joined up thinking!

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