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Have a Iucky day

Four leaf clover I found on my walk
Image taken on 29/7/2005 8:40

Of course I have a little way to go to catch up with the current record holder for having the most four leaf clovers; a Pennsylvania prison inmate, George Kaminski. While serving time on a kidnapping conviction for the past 25 years, Kaminski has gathered 72,927 four-leaf clovers. He just spends all day foraging through the grass of the prison yard in search of the lucky leaves.

Is it me or does he sound as though the luck hasn't worked...


I've always known that you should present a friend with the four leaf clover in order to have the luck with you....

Without knowing how ... ahem ... "active" the inmate has been while in prison (where's the soap?) it is hard to tell. :P

"Is it me or does he sound as though the luck hasn't worked?"

It's worked in the sense that he doesn't appear to have an actual prison job to do, unlike most inmates in the US.

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