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News from my bunker...

Another photo from my morning walk - my bunker - I have posted a picture before and here is a bit of background info on them. We are still ready for Johnny Foreigner down here in the country.

Kennet and Avon Pillboxes - Introduction

The Kennet and Avon Canal (the K&A) runs from Reading to Bristol, and is navigable by pleasure craft - as opposed to commercial craft - for its whole distance. It was originally completed in 1810, covers a distance of 87 miles, and includes numerous feats of engineering, such as aqueducts and many locks. There is a set of features along its entire length - World War II defence emplacements, otherwise known as pillboxes. There is a large number of these enormously strong and solid concrete blockhouses along the entire length of the K&A.


There is a ruined pillbox on the cliffs near my home, well, part of it is on the cliffs, the rest os on the beach, but such is the nature of the south coast. Nevertheles it is a capital place to pause on a clifftop walk. Only the daring need apply.

You've got a pillbox along a river, dammit man you need a torpedo boat too!

I remember driving past that one, and wondering why it was so far inland, as opposed to being on or close to the beach. Then I remembered that the "beach" is but a few miles south of your place, and it all made sense.

Not, however, that England had any actual armaments to kit the things out with... another reason why individuals should be "allowed" to own machine guns.

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