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A Sainthood on its a way?

BBC NEWS | UK | Service for Tube shooting victim

Bianca Jagger, goodwill ambassador from the Council of Europe, gave a reading at the start of the service.
She said his death had been "senseless" and that the Fifth Commandment forbade the killing of the innocent and the righteous.
"There was nothing evil about Jean Charles. His only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and perhaps the colour of his skin."

I'm sorry - it was a horrible mistake and I agree that a Plod with a gun is a dangerous animal and better training etc is needed. But let us remember that in "2003-2004 injuries and deaths resulting from collisions involving police vehicles.

Casualties 2015,
Deaths 31
Serious injuries 138."

Shit happens, accidental deaths caused by the police happen; why is this guy being given the nearest thing to a Catholic State funeral presided over by Archbishop of Westminster?

A woman who is famous for being shagged by Mick Jagger and comes from some South American Isthmian country now preaches to us on behalf of Europe. And of course it is all because he was black - or not as Scott points out.

Pass me the sick bag.


Bianca hates terrorism so much she cosies up to Gerry Adams and co !


Let's see...during a time of heightened security, coming out of an apt building under surveilance, carrying a backpack, wearing a heavy padded coat, running from the police towards the subway train when ordered to stop...yep, he was shot because he was black.

I haven't noticed Bianca Jagger at the funerals of any of the 7/7 victims. This whole episode gets more bizarre by the day. Mr de Menezes, who let us remind ourselves comes from a country where extra-judicial killings by the constabulary are commonplace, was killed in London by tragic mistake. And how come this guy seems to have so many cousins over here? Each one more certain than the last that the police acted illegally. They should be told to shut up or they'll have their visas checked.

The Brazilian was an illegal immigrant.

I know we would like to see them interned and deported but shooting them dead is excessive.

It's quite sickening (but not surprising) how "liberals" are seeking to use this unfortunate episode. Clearly the man was not involved in terrorism, and a mistake was made.

For my part I believe the error to lie somewhere in the commanding structure as opposed to with the operational officers, who acted (IMHO) very courageously.

From what I have read it seems an inital decision to follow Mr de Menzes, (a risky, as he was considered a potential bomber, but in my view a valid decision) was changed to a decision to stop him. The change (it seems) happened only after he'd potentially posed full risk to the public anyway.

My view is there should have been no change in the decision, once taken, (to follow him) unless new intelligence (e.g. from observation) came in suggesting he posed a real risk. To me it seems someone in the command structure lost their nerve when they realised he was using public transport, and they clearly hadn't properly considered this likely scenario when they made the decision to follow him. Otherwise presumably they'd have decided to stop him before he could have posed a risk to the public, and the public transport system.

It must have taken a lot of bravery from the officers to act as they did (sitting on, and restraining someone who you think is a walking bomb) and we should remember that had he been a bomber these officers would be receiving praise and probably medals, possibly posthumously.

In the modern world such virtues are often underplayed to more fashionable politcal correctness and even outrightly condemned. What this unfortunate incident has vividly shown for me, is that if you're faced with a real and present threat all the theories, fashionable political correctness, policies and assorted paraphenalia will avail you nothing, if you cannot rely on people who exhibit and excercise old fashioned virtues like courage.

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