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Pretty in Pink

Ireland Refuses to Extradite Alleged Pedophile to Arizona -- 07/29/2005

One of America's toughest cops is lashing out at the judicial system in Ireland after that country refused to extradite an accused pedophile priest.

Father Patrick Colleary is accused of molesting an altar boy while he was a priest in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 1978. Colleary fled to his native Ireland before he could be indicted on two counts of felony sexual conduct with a minor.

Colleary's lawyers argued that their client should not be extradited because Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio housed prisoners in conditions more typical of a gulag than a jail.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio believes in keeping prisoners in pink clothes living in tents and making them work in chain gangs to earn their meagre meals. How unEuropean! how much more civilised Ireland is keeping its kiddy-fiddlers happy in the heart of the community, no wonder they won't let the nasty man get his hands on the alleged dodgy priest.


I wonder how the Irish population actually feel about this? I'm pretty certain the paedo would be flying to Arizona if they actually got a say.

Yes, and I think he'd be flying freight, not first class!

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